Rapunzel week ⇒ Day 4: Favourite Eupunzel Moment

Okay, first off every Eupunzel moment is my favourite because most of the time they’re hilarious. But then there’s this scene, the one where Eugene tells Rapunzel of his childhood and the path he took to become Flynn Rider. I personally think it’s even more touching than their confessions in I See the Light 

I did this scene without words because I think that their body language says so much more. First off, Rapunzel is clearly flirting.The girl has been locked away for 18 years and she has more moves than I ever will. And then Eugene opens up to her and she is so engaged and interested in every word he has to say. Even when she asks him if Flynnigan Rider was a thief, too. She isn’t judging or accusing him, she’s simply asking a question. She doesn’t care that he’s a thief. He’s brought out her rebellious, adventurous side, he’s gone on this journey with her, he’s taking her to fulfill her dreams. And when she tells him that she prefers who he really is, the look on his face is heartbreaking. He’s realized that she can see what no one else ever could, she can see that he is worth something.